The Secret of Gratitude

Gratitude is such a funny thing.

The greatest gratitude comes from appreciating what's around you in the hardest of moments.

It's easy to feel gratitude when everything's going well but how often have you stopped when it seems like everything is crumbling around you and thought to yourself, "Thank you so much for X."

I think this is one of the true tests of our inner self.

Do we have the ability to feel grateful for what we DO have.

Our environmental programming teaches us to attach ourselves to things that appeal to us. The dilemma comes in that over time we develop immense attachments to things, people, feelings etc.

When these things disappear or when we can't have these things, our mind sends us negative feedback.

We could acquire twenty amazing things in a day, but at the end of the day, the mind will still desire the one thing we didn't get.

What we can easily miss in this complex puzzle of life though is that our joy IS NOT dependent on those objects, people, or feelings.

It's already inside us. We can feel it without all of those "things." 

The key comes in understand and appreciating those things for what they are and how they must follow the same path we follow. Meaning they are not attached to our desire for them because they face their own battle of attachment and desire.

So back to my original statement.

Gratitude is a funny thing.

As a coach I often speak to my clients about being grateful for what we have, but am I really doing my job in just saying so?

I think it goes a step further in that as a coach, I should be helping clients to appreciate and be grateful for themselves.

What that means to me is that I hope to help all of you to find joy in where you are right now.

The choices you're making for yourself by being active are placing you in an incredible place.

Be joyful of yourself.

Be proud of where you are at the moment.

Be happy that you are you and appreciate all those things around you but realize they are not what define you.

All those things around you will ebb and flow with life and at the core of it all...YOU define you.